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Groom's cakes

 Brides, surprise your future husband with a cake that reflects his personality and his passions.

Groom's cakes - not your grandfather's cake

When the tradition started in Victorian England wedding cakes were a dark fruit cake and slices were boxed to go home as wedding favors. The single female guests were said to place the cake slice under their pillow and dream of their future hubby. And so, this cake is deemed to be a groom’s cake.

The good news is: groom’s cakes are no longer fruit cakes and this is where the groom gets to express his personality! The groom’s cake doesn’t have to coordinate with the wedding theme. This cake should be fun and reflect the groom's personality!  

Flavors & ordering information

You can choose from 10 different cake flavors and 13 buttercream flavors. Or if you simply can't decide on one, why not combine different flavors together to create your favorite combination? 

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