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Dessert tables

Can't decide between cake, cheesecake or pastries? Why not have a little bit of everything?


I can help you create the perfect dessert table that will please all your guests.

Dessert tables make a sweet ending

Dreamin’ Desserts specializes in tailor made dessert tables for any weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and more. There are so many wonderfully delicious pastries, desserts, cakes and flavors to choose from. Whatever pastries and desserts you choose I will design and craft a unique concept tailored specifically to your event.

For wedding receptions we can create a simple, yet beautiful, cutting cake and surround the cake with coordinating cupcakes and/or a selection of our mini-desserts.

Setting up your sweet table & rentals

If you need cake stands and any other dessert props to enhance the display of desserts on your table it will be highlighted in your contract following the initial consultation. If your vision goes beyond our rental props, we're able to make suggestions of who to contact from our preferred vendor list. We'll make suggestions for your dessert table while always keeping your budget in mind.

Dessert table costs

Dessert tables are customized and we recommend a consult to help determine pricing. The average cost range for dessert tables is $8 to $10 per guest. The consultation can be either by phone or in person.

​The costs are per guest and take into account the level of custom design and equipment fees. Minimum order of $350. 


We recommend 3 - 4 mini-desserts per guest, when not accompanying a cake. If there is a wedding cake, we recommend 1 - 3 mini-desserts. It is important that you have an estimate of the number of guests and venue for me to provide you with a quotation. 

The base prices for cutting cakes to accompany mini dessert tables are as follows. Note: final pricing is determined by the design of your cake. 

  • 8” cake, serving 18-22 guests - from $100

  • Two-tiered cake, serving 25 guests - from $250

  • Two-tiered cake, serving 35 guests - from $350

Sheet cakes* are available to supplement a tiered cake (100 guest count minimum). They consist of four layers of cake and three layers of filling.


  • Sheet cake, serving 50 guests - $325

* Sheet cakes are not sold separately. 

Important note: Due to branding and insurance, other bakery sources (including home made), are not permited to be included on a Dreamin' Desserts table. 

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