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About Tracy Van Orden



Dreaming of cake creations started at a very young age. I spent as much time as I could in the kitchen with my grandmother perfecting the German chocolate cake. I knew then that I wanted to bring that special smile to peoples faces, which occurs when they bite into a delicious cake.


When I became a dental hygienist and decided to take my profession to Zurich, Switzerland I was amazed at all the different pastries and cakes available. After 13 years in Switzerland, I started to think seriously about returning to my hometown Bend, Oregon and getting a baking business started.


However, in between interning at International School of Baking under the tutelage of Marda Stoliar, I opened Sugars in Zurich where I wholesaled cheesecakes to restaurants, created wedding and birthday cakes and made and delivered cupcakes to anyone who needed to capture the nostalgia of American desserts.

Gaining the experience I did by combining the American and European way of baking and flavors gave me the confidence to follow my true passion of opening a kitchen in Bend, Oregon. After returning to the United States I continued to be an executive assistant at International School of Baking so that I could complete my pastry education to be able to venture out on my own again. I hope you will allow me to bring your dreams of dessert alive.


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