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Cake & dessert menu

Your cake not only has to look amazing, but it also has to taste amazing. Dreamin' Desserts is an all-scratch bakery - everything is made to order. I never use mixes or artificial flavors. I use only the highest quality ingredients such as local butter, real fruit puree (nothing artificial), Madagascar Vanilla, and fine imported chocolate from Switzerland and Belgium.

Traditional cake flavors

  • New York

  • Chocolate-hazelnut

  • Marionberry

  • Lemon blueberry swirl

  • Meyer lemon

  • Mocha cappuccino

  • Strawberry

  • Raspberry

  • Chocolate marble-raspberry

  • Dark chocolate swirl

Specialty cake flavors

  • Bananas foster

  • Brownie cookie dough

  • Caramel hazelnut

  • Key lime on chocolate cake crust

  • Lemon blueberry swirl

  • Passion fruit on lemon cake crust

Cheesecake sizes & costs


Fresh fruit & berry toppings are excluded from pricing. If you wish to have fresh berries or fruit added for decoration, it will be priced according to the seasonal availability.


* Small cheesecakes – minimum 3 cheesecakes per flavor

** Mini-cheesecakes – order is a minimum of 72 per order. The mini cheesecakes are baked in batches of 24 per traditional flavor. Specialty flavors are not available in the mini size.

Dessert table costs

​Prices for dessert tables are provided after a consultation either by phone or in person meeting. The costs are per guest and take into account the level of custom design and equipment fees. Minimum order of $300. 


We recommend 3 - 4 mini-desserts per guest, when not accompanying a cake. If there is a wedding cake, we recommend 1 - 3 mini-desserts. It is important that you have an estimate of the number of guests and venue for me to provide you with a quotation. 

The base prices for cutting cakes to accompany mini dessert tables are as follows. Note: final pricing is determined by the design of your cake. 

  • 8” cake, serving 18-22 guests - $100.00

  • Two-tiered cake, serving 25 guests - $210.00

  • Two-tiered cake, serving 35 guests - $290.0

Sheet cakes are two layers and available to supplement a tiered cake (which must serve a minimum of 100 guests). Costs are calculated at $6.50 per serving. Sheet cakes are not sold separately. 

Personalized cookie costs

Note there is a 3 dozen minimum order, as all cookies are made from scratch specifically for your party or event. 

Macaron Tower Costs

French macaron towers are a trendy alternative to the traditional wedding cake and a lovely addition to any dessert table display.  Dreamin’ Desserts macaron towers are available in 3 sizes (price includes up to 3 color/flavor combinations):

  • Small tower approximately 50 macarons – $ 180.00 ( 6″ wide x 12″ tall)

  • Medium tower approximaly 80 macarons- $ 235.00 ( 7.5″ wide x 15″ tall)

  • Large tower approximately 140 macarons-  $ 410.00 ( 10″ wide x 20″ tall)


Additional design options are:

  • painted pearl metallic lustre finish. This finish adds $.25 per macaron

  • hand painted initial or hearts. Cost per macaron is $.25

Crêpe cake size and costs

All signature crêpe cakes are 8”. They serve up to 18 guests.

Cost: $90.00

Cupcakes prices

  • Cupcakes (standard size) – $4.00 each (24 minimum order)

  • Cupcakes (mini size) – $2.75 each (36 minimum order)

  • Dipped in European chocolate (standard size) – $4.25 each (24 minimum order)

  • Dipped in European chocolate (mini size) – $3.25 (36 minimum order)

  • Filled cupcakes (standard size) – $4.50 each (24 minimum order)

  • Custom designs - pricing on request


      * Additional charges apply for decorative toppers, wrappers, and packaging 

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